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Discrimination in the workplace is wide ranging in its nature, and discrimination within employment contracts themselves is no exception to this.

Goodharts has wide ranging experience of dealing with cases involving employment contracts and discrimination, both for employers and employees. If you are involved in a dispute in relation to these, Goodharts can help.

Discrimination in Employment Contracts Explained

The law states that certain basic conditions must be met within all contracts of employment. Examples of these include statutory sick pay, and stating the normal working hours expected of employees. Such requirements ensure that all employees are afforded the same basic rights, and are not discriminated against.

Sometimes, contracts of employment fail to meet the required standards, and can lead to employment discrimination because of this. Such discrimination would potentially occur if, for example, two employees were doing the same job, but only one of the employees had statutory sick pay written into their contract. Another might be if an employer refused to make reasonable changes to a new mother’s working hours, or did not permit the required maternity leave.

There are of course numerous examples of employment contracts being discriminatory, and it is important to seek expert legal advice if you are involved in such a dispute. Goodharts can help you.

Here at Goodharts, we have years of experience in the field of employment law, and employment contract disputes relating to discrimination are no exception to this.

When you first contact Goodharts about your employment contract related issue, we will want to get to know about exactly what has happened, what the situation is, and how you want us to help you.

The sooner that we get to know about you, the quicker we can get the best results possible for you, ensuring that you gain the best possible outcome.

There are a variety of ways in which employment contract and discrimination disputes can be resolved, and at Goodharts, we will always endeavour to resolve matters as quickly and efficiently as possible, and in many cases this can save both time and money for all involved.

Goodharts takes great pride in our first class client care and legal knowledge and expertise which is second to none. Regardless of the complexity or nature of your dispute, you can be confident that with our years of experience in dealing with employment law and discrimination law related cases, your matter is in safe hands.

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